Test drive customer crashes Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari 458 crash

There's an old adage that says a driver's skill doesn't necessarily increase in line with the size of their wallet. One potential Ferrari owner proved that to be just the case after crashing a £208,000 458 Speciale on a test drive.> The embarrassing situation occurred as the driver was making his way along the A12 in Essex. The scarlet mid-engined sports car, which can cover the 0-60mph sprint in three seconds dead, was spotted overtaking traffic in the outside lane between Dedham and Langham, before crashing soon afterwards.

The Mirror reports the driver – of who little is known except that he escaped uninjured – spun the car into a Volkswagen Bora, before piling into the central reservation.

The stricken supercar, which was a brand-new 2014 model, is said to belong to Colchester dealership Lancaster Ferrari.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

The man behind the wheel had been test driving it with a viewing to placing a deposit on the exclusive, track-oriented thrill machine, though it's not known if his prang has put him off the idea.

Michael Carpenter, a motorist who witnessed the crash, told The Mirror: "I was driving down the A12 on Saturday when I got stuck in traffic, I saw the police move a VW Bora onto the hard shoulder.

"It was then I saw the Ferrari with damage to the front and rear corners.

"When I drove past, the salesman from the dealership was on the phone and the driver was looking very sheepish."

Essex Police stated that no arrests were made in connection to the incident.
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