Kimi's Silverstone crash: A fan's-eye view

Last weekend's Silverstone GP saw the thrills and spills of F1 brought to a leafy corner of Northamptonshire. It proved to be a memorable race, not least because Lewis Hamilton managed to snatch victory after a terrible qualifying error that saw him relegated to sixth place for the start of the race.
For the fans watching live at the circuit, however, it is likely to be Kimi Raikkonen's shocking high-speed crash on the opening lap that will endure in the memory.

A compilation video of the collision has emerged, showing the impact from a variety of angles. Largely captured on mobile phones, the footage isn't the best quality, but perfectly shows the severity of the impact and the aftermath, which saw the race red-flagged for an hour.

Running wide on the fourth corner, the Finnish former World Champion attempts to rejoin the race when he hits a bump in the grass, which sends him straight into the barrier.

Spinning helplessly back onto the track, his Ferrari is then struck by the Williams of Felipe Massa, who skillfully manages to avoid running into the stricken Finn head on by sending his own car into a spin.

Raikkonen was subjected to massive 47G forces in the impact, but luckily managed to escape without serious injury, being diagnosed with just bruising to his knees and ankles.

Click play to watch footage of the crash below.

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