Is this the world's worst Lambo replica?

Lambo kit car

We're not saying we could do any better, but we think this is the worst replica Lamborghini we've seen.
Its creator likely gave himself a pat on the back a job well done with the build, but we're not so sure.

It's registered in Australia and legal to drive on the road. It has clearly had a lot of time lavished on it, but the person behind it has missed the mark slightly (okay, a lot) in terms of styling.

Based on a Nissan 300ZX, the car is described by its owner in its eBay advert as coming with "factory, big breaks [sic], twin-turbo DOHC V6 with upgraded turbos and intercoolers, has an excellent designed suspension with great handling".

The stats all sound good on paper, but just look at it.

Don't get us wrong, if this drove past you at speed you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference, but on closer inspection you'd be less convinced.

Ask yourself seriously, would you buy a supercar that you couldn't let your friends gawp at? You'll invite them round to see it for the first time and find yourself standing in front of it to hide the full picture.

Luckily for the seller, the public has spoken and we've been proven wrong. Currently there are 31 bids on the kit car with over five days of the auction remaining and the owner will be making at least $39,000 (£24,641).

If you'd like to own this Reventon kit car, you can buy it now for just $45,000, which is the equivalent of £21,355. Even taking into account the cost of shipping it from Australia, it's a fraction of the cost of a real Lamborghini Reventon, which can cost up to £1million today.

Lamborghini Reventon kit car
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Is this the world's worst Lambo replica?

Author: Rebecca Chaplin
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