Christchurch revealed as city with world's most expensive airport taxis

Ruth Doherty
Rex Features
Rex Features

Christchurch has the most expensive airport taxi rides in the world, according to a new report.

A survey carried out by New Zealand company Digital Hothouse on 17 cities around the world found that one of its very own cities was the priciest on the planet.

The research discovered that taxi passengers in the South Island city face a whopping rate per kilometre of NZ$4.50, equating to £2.30 per 1,000 metres, reports the Daily Mail.

And there was more bad news for NZ tourists as another top hotspot in the South Island, Queenstown, was the second most expensive in the world for a taxi from the airport to the city centre, reports IB Times.

In fact, says the survey, the four international airports in New Zealand were in the top seven most expensive.

Australia was right behind its neighbour, making up three spots in the top seven, with Sydney coming in third.

Unsurprisingly, London Heathrow was the most expensive airport in Europe, coming eighth place on the list.

The cost of an average airport taxi ride into the London city centre was £54 for 29 kilometres.

In comparisons of airport taxi rides on a country-to-country basis, the UK was the third in the 'most expensive' list, behind New Zealand and Australia.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the cheapest airport transfers in the study was Barcelona Airport in Spain. Amsterdam, Manchester, Los Angeles and San Francisco also came out at more wallet-friendly.

Meanwhile, London cabs might be pricey but, back in November 2013, a survey by found that London's taxi drivers are the cleanest and friendliest in the world, and London cabbies have the best knowledge of their area, and are the safest drivers.

The poll quizzed more than 2,600 respondents from 30 countries, putting the capital at the top of a global list in five out of seven categories.

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