Snow in summer? Dorset residents wake up to wintry scene

Ruth Doherty
UK weather: Snow in summer in Dorset after hail storm
UK weather: Snow in summer in Dorset after hail storm

The British summer is nothing if unpredictable. But residents in Poole, Dorset, certainly didn't expect to wake up to snow this week.

However, after a pleasant few days, that's exactly what one street woke up to after a huge hail storm swept in, reports The Sun.

And it wasn't just hailstorms affecting some parts of Britain.

Bournemouth was also hit by flash flooding, along with areas in the north east of England.

According to the Daily Mail, the Met Office said some parts of England and Wales saw 10mm to 15 mm of rain in an hour on Tuesday, leading to localised flooding.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the month, the National Trust said signs of autumn are already beginning to show across the country.

According to conservationists, the year is racing towards autumn ahead of schedule following an early spring and summer.

As the year reached the halfway mark, the National Trust said wildlife seemed to have come through the wettest and stormiest winter on record and nature had hurtled "helter-skelter" through the seasons since.

Now signs of autumn are already in the hedgerows and woods, National Trust naturalist Matthew Oates said.

Mr Oates said that this year, blackbirds had already stopped singing for the season by midsummer.

"We're ahead still, remarkably ahead, birds have largely stopped singing, a lot of butterflies are very early and are still coming out early," he said, pointing to early arrivals of high summer butterflies including chalk hill blues and purple emperors.

And he said: "There are really strong signs of autumn already here, like the beech nuts, it's an amazing beech mast year and the nuts are incredibly well developed."

Early autumn is fine, but snow in summer we can do without.

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