Chef forced to quit by baked bean phobia

Unusual phobias which could cause problems at work


Chef Rob Griffiths forced to quit by baked bean phobia

Rob Griffiths, a 31 year old ex-chef from Milton Keynes, has revealed that he was forced to leave the profession after developing a baked bean phobia. He said that as soon as he sees them he feels faint, and if they get anywhere near him he feels compelled to run away. He used to work in a pub, and admitted that breakfast service was a real trial.

He has since quit and become a window cleaner.

Griffiths told the Daily Mirror he thought he developed the phobia - which is known as leguminophobia when he had them thrown at him by his brothers as a child. He admitted to the Daily Mail that his phobia was so bad that at one point he struggled to walk past a display of tins in the supermarket. He also avoided going into cafes in case he spotted people eating them.

It's a tough phobia for a chef to develop, but he can take a crumb of comfort that things could be worse. There are five phobias that could be even more of a barrier to work.

1. Ergophobia. A fear of work or finding a job. It's thought to be a combination of a number of phobias, including a fear of failure and a fear of socialising with co-workers, but whatever causes it, it's going to put a dent in your career.

2. Telephobia. This is a fear of talking on the phone. Sufferers panic if they are expected to make a call, or even if they hear a phone ringing. It's safe to say that office work isn't going to be a sensible option.

3. Technophobia. We tend to use this to describe a general dislike of using technology, but for some people it's a full-blown phobia. In the computer age this isn't going to do a great deal to enhance your employability.

4. Cathisophobia. This is the fear of sitting down. It might be looked at as something of a boon in manual jobs - where your bosses won't be able to help but notice you prefer working to taking a break. However, anything office-based could be a bit awkward.

5. Chrematophobia. Assuming you're working for the pay-packet then this could be a bit debilitating, because it's the fear of money.

Then of course there's pinaciphobia, which will have sent many people into a state of distress in the last few minutes: it's the fear of lists.

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