Video: BMW lets it slide on an aircraft carrier


BMW's new M4 coupe has been launched to critical acclaim around the world, winning fans amongst critics and customers alike with its spine-tingling driving experience.
However, BMW Canada felt that it needed to show off the M4's talents even further and have created a new advert to showcase the car's dynamic prowess at the limit.

And what better place to do that than on the extremely tight confines of the deck of an aircraft carrier? Queue one be-helmeted mystery pro driver, plenty of tyre smoke and hey-presto! Job done.

Well, not quite, it seems the guys at BMW went a bit OTT with the Hollywood special effects, and a lot of the scenes feature the tell-tale signs of computer trickery.

Either way, there's no denying the video – which you can watch below – is enough to get anyone excited about the latest car to emerge from BMW's M-division.

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