Netflix advertises for full time TV-watcher: ideal for couch potatoes

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TV streaming service Netflix is advertising for what they call a Tagger, who is paid to watch its films and TV services before anyone else in the country has a chance to see them. The job involves watching the films and then tagging them to particular categories. This means that when users watch one 'classic comedy with a sporting theme' there are several more lined up for when they finish.

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The job

Netflix recommendations are based on a complex algorithm, but the algorithm is based on tags, which can only be added by a human who watches all the content, and then ensures the films are categorised correctly.

The company has issued a video explaining the role. It says: "Successful applicants will be responsible for watching and analysing films and TV programmes that will be streaming on Netflix in the future. The tagger will deconstruct the films and programmes and describe them using objective tags." You'll work from home and choose your own hours.

It adds that the role may also include: "Acting as a UK/IE cultural consultant, highlighting UK/IE cultural specificities and taste preferences." Presumably to qualify for this part of the role you need to live in the UK, and walk around with your eyes open.

However, the analysis element means they've raised the bar beyond 'people who like watching TV and films' and are hoping for someone with a relevant degree, some experience film-making or someone who has worked as a critic. They also want someone who has worked for at least a year in a web company.

Couch potato jobs

It sounds like the ideal job for a couch potato. Possibly it's the most suitable one since NASA advertised for people to spend 10 weeks in bed for £7,000. Candidates were helping research the effects of microgravity on the body - which is relevant for astronauts on long space missions. Those who got the job would watch TV, play computer games, read and surf the internet - they could even carry on with their usual job if it's something they could do from home (while lying down).

Bathstore's job for a bathtub tester might run this a close second. It advertised in February what it called "one of the most relaxing jobs on the market". The right candidate would get new baths regularly installed in their home, so they could try them out and then write up a report - technically something they could also do from the tub. The company added "this is one job that can be taken lying down."

But possibly the best job for a couch potato was advertised back in 2010. A medical testing company was looking for someone who would be happy to eat 400 extra calories a day in order to test a weight loss product. The job paid £23,750 a year, for what they called a 'professional couch potato'

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Netflix advertises for full time TV-watcher: ideal for couch potatoes
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