Watch an Opel Kadett toast a Ferrari 458 Speciale

Ferrari 458 Speciale

Spend £208,000 on a Ferrari 458 Speciale and you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd just left the dealership in one of the fastest cars on the road. As a track-optimised, hardcore edition of the regular (and already stupendously fast) 458 Italia, the Speciale is all of Ferrari's F1 knowledge and engineering prowess condensed to produce one of the finest mid-engined supercars currently on the market.
So you can imagine the shock and disappointment of this Speciale owner as he lines up on the start line of his local drag strip alongside an innocuous (and rather tatty looking) Opel Kadett, only to be left staring at its rear quarters as it pulls away from him.

Better-known in Britain as the Vauxhall Astra, the Kadett is worlds away from the Ferrari, lacking the power, poise, sex appeal and pretty much everything else that makes the Italian car so special. And, normally equipped with a 1.8-litre petrol engine, it should be easy meat for the rampant Italian stallion.

All of which makes the result of the drag race even more suprising. Until, that is, you realise it's no normal Kadett, but a heavily modified version that develops a Ferrari Enzo humbling 685bhp from its 2.0-litre turbocharged engine.

Not content with humiliating the Ferrari owner, the Opel lines up against other high-performance machinery, both two- and four-wheeled, and doesn't disappoint.

Click play below to watch the ultimate 'sleeper' car in action (with thanks to CarThrottle).

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