Police car dash-cam captures a meteor lighting up the sky

abstract illustration of a meteor shower on a planet

The moment a meteor lit up the sky has been caught on the camera of a police patrol car.
The explosive fireball was captured on film by West Midlands Police in the early hours of Monday morning in Shirley, near Birmingham. Travelling on the M42 near junction four, the traffic officers spotted the meteor as it shot across the dark sky.

The 10 second clip reveals a bright white flash overhead. The asteroid itself eventually broke into pieces as it entered the Earth's atmosphere, meaning Midlands residents luckily avoided having hot fragments of space rock showering down on them.

The images captured aren't the clearest due to the weather conditions and low-quality recording device, but the intense illumination from the burning object can clearly be seen.

West Midlands Police later tweeted their surprise over the incident and included the footage, which you can watch below:

Author: Shazmeen Begum
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