Lion cub gets head stuck up buffalo's bottom while feeding (video)

Ruth Doherty
Lion cub gets head stuck up buffalo bottom
Lion cub gets head stuck up buffalo bottom

A hungry lion cub apparently bit off more than he could chew - when he got stuck up a buffalo's bottom during feeding time.

The young cub dived straight in for dinner after his 18-strong pride brought down the animal.

The footage was taken in the Kruger National Park in South Africa back in 2011.

It makes for uncomfortable viewing as the baby thrashes around in a desperate attempt to escape its unfortunate predicament.

Safari tourists who filmed the ordeal can be heard worrying whether the cub will break free, and willing him on.

According to the Daily Mail, the safari-goers returned the next day and it appeared the cub had been saved by his pack after they ate their way through the carcass.

The lions had seemingly eaten their way through, leaving enough space for the cub to escape.

However, the pride of lions was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, last month a lion cub reportedly died after it was let loose on a sleeper train in Russia.

The nine-month-old cat was taken on a train from Moscow bound for Novy Urengoy in northern Siberia by a passenger who registered it for travel as a "domestic cat".

Police in Yekaterinburg, 1400km east of Moscow, said the owner lost control of the young lioness after letting her out of its cage.

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