Couple sue hotel after naked man flashes genitals at wedding guests

Ruth Doherty
Couple suing hotel after wedding crasher exposes genitals to guests
Couple suing hotel after wedding crasher exposes genitals to guests

A couple from South Carolina are suing the hotel that held their wedding after a naked man stood above the ceremony flashing his genitals.

Anna Rogers Murphy, and her parents Clay and Carol, are seeking damages for negligence and emotional stress from City Market Hotels after they say their wedding was ruined at a Double Tree Inn in Charleston.

A young Pennsylvania man, Samuel James Dengal, reportedly pressed his genitals up against his hotel window after waving at guests and the bride and groom. He was not named as a defendant in the lawdsuit, but was arrested for indecent exposure after police tracked him to his hotel room.

He had booked a room that overlooked the courtyard. According to Courthouse News, the lawsuit said: "While the wedding ceremony was in progress, plaintiffs observed Dengal standing at the window of his hotel room without clothing. Thereafter, while the ceremony was still in progress, Dengal exposed his genitals and buttocks to everyone in attendance."

The couple had been concerned about privacy but were reportedly assured by the hotel there would be no problems.

The Daily Mail reports that the couple paid $15,000 to hold their wedding at the venue.

According to Sunday World, the complaint obtained by Courthouse News says the couple were assured by management "that the ceremony would not be disrupted by hotel guests not in attendance" and "before the agreement was signed, defendant LLC assured plaintiffs that the courtyard would be an appropriate location for the wedding ceremony".

The suit says Dengal's act "was so extreme and outrageous as to exceed all possible bounds of decency and must be regarded as utterly atrocious and intolerable in a civilised community".

It added: "The emotional distress endured by the plaintiffs was so severe that no reasonable person could be expected to endure it."

The case continues.

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