'World's most dangerous' theme park where six people died reopens after 20 years

Ruth Doherty

A theme park in New Jersey dubbed the world's most dangerous, where six people died and hundreds were injured, has reopened after nearly 20 years.

Action Park, which first opened in 1978, is a 35-acre theme park that was once dubbed "Class Action Park" because of the amount of lawsuits it received.

A 2013 viral video called The Most Insane Amusement Park Ever has inspired the owners to reopen it.

One original ride was called the Alpine Slide, where riders flew down a concrete track in a car with just a handbrake.

According to the Metro, one former visitor said: "I was there three times when I was 9 or 10 – twice I left in an ambulance.

"The first time was broken ribs on the 'Tarzan Swing' (my dad had to jump into the water to save me) and next was the alpine slide, when my car had no brakes and I flew over the side and into the grass. I then had to walk the whole way down crying and dripping blood."

Andy Mulvihill, who now owns the resort and is the son of the park's founder Gene Mulvihill, who died in 2012, told the NY Post: "The overall conclusion that the people who went to Action Park have is that it was a phenomenal place.

"I don't get approached by people telling me what a terrible place it was. The strength of that passion far outweighed the negative things."

'Negative things' even involved a handful of deaths, caused by, among other things, electrocution in a kayak ride, drowning in the wave pool, and a heart attack in ice-cold water.

One former visitor Dave Schlussman, 30, said: "At Action Park, it felt like you were in some crazy guy's backyard. The rides defied any kind of procedure."

Although it will surely now have to adhere to stricter health and safety rules, there will still be some nerve-tingling rides. Old river rapids are being restored and a new $1 million Zero G water slide, which they say will be the world's tallest of its kind when it opens later this summer.

Would you dare?

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