Video: Biker attacks car, fails miserably

Biker fail

The moment a Brazilian motorcyclist lashed out at a car in a moment of road rage has become the subject of a new viral video.
The irate biker was caught on film pulling up beside a car, which had allegedly cut him off, and then kicking it. However, in a classic case of karma coming to get you, the impact of the kick forced the rider off-balance, sending both him and his motorcycle into the barrier.

Some would argue that he got what he deserved. Antonio Borba, who uploaded the video to YouTube, described the series of events: "In Sao Paulo, the car accidentally drifted a little to the right lane.
"The biker started cursing heavily, making a huge fuss on traffic. Not being enough, he stopped the bike and I knew it was coming," the Daily Mail reports.

"So I started recording. Here is the result. After that, the car was stopped by a police car nearby. The rest I don't know."

The biker is seen to dust himself off and walk away after the incident, and reports indicate that he wasn't badly injured.

Click play below for a graphic reminder of why you should just breathe slowly and count to ten when someone winds you up on the road.

Author: Rebecca Chaplin
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