Video: Driver beaches Mercedes in B&Q car park

car park fail

Ever had one of those days when you should have just stayed at home? This Mercedes driver is probably experiencing a mixture of shame and that gloomy feeling you get when a large garage bill is coming your way, after spectacularly beaching their car at a shopping centre car park.
The unidentified driver managed to wedge their SUV on a traffic island outside B&Q (perhaps they should have popped into Specsavers?) in Dartford. How they managed to do this is still unknown but the sound of the engine's oil-sump scraping along the concrete is enough to make anyone wince.

In the footage filmed by a passing motorist, cars can be seen trying to avoid the Mercedes-Benz GL as the driver is unable to move. He then decides to take inspect the situation before unceremoniously dragging it off the traffic island.

Since the video went live on JLF1TV's YouTube channel on Saturday night it has accumulated over 2,000 views. We suspect that by the end of today the driver will be fully aware of their internet shame.

Author: Rebecca Chaplin
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