One in six caught out by mobile roaming charges

Caroline Cassidy
young girl on the beach, typing os smartphone
young girl on the beach, typing os smartphone

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One in six British travellers arrives home from a holiday or business trip to a shock mobile phone bill thanks to roaming charges, a new report claims.

According to an investigation by Which?, mobile networks are cashing in the fact that many of us are still in the dark over the cost of using our phones abroad, whether that be to make calls or browse online.

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The consumer champion suggested the majority of Brits are confused about what usage abroad will cost them, and despite new rules on capping charges due to come into force at midnight tonight, many don't realise that these only apply to certain countries.

As of 1 July, networks will be forced to cap charges at a reduced rate for those travelling to EU states, but holiday any further afield - Turkey, America, Australia or the Far East - and that hefty bill will still be waiting for you on your return.
A Which? spokesman told the Daily Mail: "We found one in six people who have taken their mobile on holiday abroad in the past year have been shocked by a high mobile phone bill, of these one in four were charged more than £40 over their usual monthly usage."

He added: "Worryingly nearly half - 45 per cent of mobile users who have been abroad in the last 12 months said they didn't know that the price caps don't apply to the whole of Europe, with 48 per cent believing that they do."

Have you been stung by roaming charges? Are you aware of the rules about rate caps? Leave your comments below...

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