Freebie Friday: your ticket to this week's best freebies

Tennis Ball

The summer sales are upon us, and if you've got the energy and patience for the high street, there's every chance you could get as much as 70% off. But sometimes 70% just isn't enough: sometimes only a freebie will do.

And for those times we have free meals, tickets, tennis balls and even free money!%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

Free tennis balls

Halfords is celebrating Wimbledon by giving away three free tennis balls through the O2 priority moments app. The users of have pointed out that they may not pass muster with Andy Murray, and they are usually £1 each. However, you can't complain when they're completely free. It's yet another O2 freebie that makes it worth considering getting a free O2 pay-as-you-go SIM.

Free meals

To celebrate Armed Forces Day on Saturday, Crown Carveries is offering a free meal to any member of the armed forces. You'll need to sign up to get a voucher, then print it off and hand it over when you order. You'll also need your forces ID card or a veteran's lapel badge. The meals included in the deal include the carvery roast, the pub classics, all-day breakfast and Quorn lasagne.

Free tickets to the Northern Home Show

The show runs from 4 July to 6 July in Manchester, and is designed to provide products and advice for people thinking of improving, building, renovating, or making their home more energy efficient. There's always a risk you'll spend a small fortune when you get there, but you can at least get in for free. Tickets usually cost £8 on the door, but at the moment, if you book online you can get your tickets absolutely free - the discount code NHS automatically appears in the box.

Free tea or coffee

The Ikea Family card has been running for years now. Cardholders can get a free tea or coffee as one of the perks of being a member - and you can pick up a temporary card while you're in the store so you can get the freebie on the spot. It's worth highlighting the card now in particular, because the Ikea sale is on at the moment and you'll get an extra 10% off with it.

Free money

Strawberry Invest is giving away free money. Admittedly you have to open an ISA with them, and invest at least £1,000. However, they're not an investment firm - they are a platform through which you can choose from hundreds of different funds provided by other investment companies. So if they offer something you were going to invest in anyway - then the freebie is a great added extra.
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