Heart-stopping moment policeman rescues woman from path of speeding train (video)

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policeman saves woman on tracks from oncoming train
policeman saves woman on tracks from oncoming train

The moment a police officer saved a woman's life by dragging her from the path of an oncoming speeding train has been caught on camera.

Officer Ramon Morales runs over to the woman lying on the tracks as the train can be heard approaching in the background.

According to the Metro, the whole incident was caught on his car's dashcam after he was alerted to to the situation by passers-by.

The incident took place at around 1am on 22 June in Richmond, Texas.

The whole tense situation luckily ended without injury, but it was a heart-stopping moment for the officer who, according to the Mirror, had only been in his job for a year.

Following the incident, the woman was taken to hospital, where she is said to be receiving help.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of June, a train passed over an Alabama woman who fell asleep on the tracks - and she miraculously survived.

According to the Daily Caller, the 22-year-old woman fell asleep on the train tracks in Auburn, Alabama, and was unaware that a train had just passed over her sleeping body.

The train, carrying two engines and one car passed over Lynsey Horne but she survived the incident without a scratch, reports the Daily Mail.

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