Quirky places to enjoy an ice cream around the world

July is National Ice Cream Month (as if we needed an excuse to pig out!) and to mark the occasion, we are thought we'd bring you a selection of the quirkiest, most outlandish and just plain weird ice cream parlours around the world (and no, Mr Whippy does not make the list!).

A customer eats chocolate ice cream serv

From a toilet-themed parlour in Shanghai that serves up to a venue serving our canine friends in Hoboken, New Jersey, you can't get quirkier than this!

Outlandish toppings, weird flavours, innovative techniques and even frozen treats for dogs all feature amongst these not-to-be-missed ice cream parlours and vendors.

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Would you buy an ice-cream from one of these quirky vendors? Let us know in the comments below.

World's quirkiest places to enjoy an ice cream
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Quirky places to enjoy an ice cream around the world

Making the most of toilet humour is More than Toilet in Shanghai, a restaurant themed around lavatories that opened in the city after the success of its Taiwanese predecessor. Diners can enjoy ice cream from miniature potties whilst taking a perch on toilets that act as seats with poo-shaped cushions.

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Heladeria Coromoto offers a staggering choice of 860 flavours, holding the Guinness World Record for the most flavours available at an ice cream parlour. At the entrance, customers are met by the vast imposing menu – which takes up an entire wall and lists some of most outlandish taste sensations imaginable. Stranger flavours include shrimp; sardines and brandy; mushrooms and wine; and ‘pabellon criollo’ – a take on the humble Venezuelan dish of beef, black beans, rice, cheese and plantain.

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Dogs are always keen for a lick of ice cream, but our four-legged friends are, of course, lactose intolerant. This, coupled with the fact that dogs can overheat rapidly on a hot day, led to husband-and-wife team Angela and Raymond Meyers founding Frosty Pooch in 2011. They serve a range of frozen treats for dogs around New Jersey (and at events beyond) from their classic ice cream truck – helping pampered pooches to get their chops around frozen bacon and peanut butter lactose-free ice cream or peanut butter ‘puppsicles’.

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Ben & Jerry’s is already a UK household staple for many – not least because of their innovative naming conventions; Clever Cookies, Caramel Chew Chew, Peanut Butter Me Up, anyone? The company’s home in Vermont not only allows visitors to learn about the ice cream manufacturing process but also try their wide array of flavours. On a small hill behind the factory is the ‘Flavor Graveyard’ – a tribute to the shelved flavours that have not enjoyed the notoriety of favourites such as Phish Food and Cherry Garcia. Some of those cut from the range include Miz Jelena’s Sweet Potato Pie, Fresh Georgia Peach and (should’ve been a sure-fire winner, surely?) Peanut Butter and Jelly. But all is not lost – Ben & Jerry’s claim that some of the flavours can be resurrected.

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Giving Heston Blumenthal a run for his money is The Fabulous Frozen Factory which uses liquid nitrogen to create ice cream in front of customers. Set in a former warehouse, the brightly-coloured liquid nitrogen ice cream machines dominate the minimalistic space designed by interior designer Jakob Gómez. Ice cream is made within seconds on request – and then topped by the customers with a range of extra sweet treats and sauces.

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Near the Pantheon in the Italian capital, San Crispino has long been established as one of Rome’s finest locations for gelato. The parlour’s philosophy is to provide the best ice cream using the finest ingredients, regardless of cost. Resurrecting old flavours with a modern twist and using the freshest ingredients is the trademark here – including their signature honey-based ice cream inspired by a recipe from Buontalenti, the Florentine inventor of gelato in the sixteenth century. Putting taste on top, cones are out as they only get in the way of the true subtleties of the gelato on offer.

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Opened in 2009 by Doug Quint and Brian Petroff as the “Big Gay Ice Cream Truck”, the parlour’s focus has always been to bring the fun of ice cream to the streets of New York. Five years on this New York institution has outlets in East & West Village – with one in LA opening later in the year. The staff, infectiously enthusiastic for all things frozen and colourful, make Big Gay Ice Cream the popular establishment it is today. Unicorn-tastic.

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Bringing shaved candy-floss style ice cream from Taiwan to Barcelona is the minimalistic Eyescream and Friends. Children and adults alike have been flocking to the small shop in the Barceloneta area of the city to enjoy the light style of ice cream and the dozens of toppings on offer.

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A malleable version of ice cream served on the streets of Istanbul, dondurma is known for its high elasticity and chewy texture. Highly-skilled and creative stallholders around the city amaze tourists with special magic tricks, making cones disappear before their eyes and serving the tallest ice creams possible.

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Set in the charming seaside town of Dingle on the south-western coast of Ireland, Murphy’s ice cream parlour serves up authentic flavours from the Emerald Isle for the town’s tiny population of 1,920 residents. Combining Irish craic with scoops of native nibbles including Toasted Irish Oats and Dingle Lemon Curd, the owners use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients such as sea salt from Dingle Bay and milk from the indigenous Kerry cow to bring the true tastes of Ireland to life. The success of the original parlour has prompted the opening of two further outlets in Ireland, one in Killarney and the other in Dublin, where customers can also enjoy a triple caffeine, sugar and alcohol hit from cones of Irish Coffee – all from the comfort of the shop’s indoor swing.

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