Teen drowns trying to save friends on raft in Lancashire reservoir

Teen drowns trying to save friends stuck on raft in reservoir in Lancashire

A teenager has drowned while trying to save friends stuck on a makeshift raft in the middle of a reservoir in Lancashire.

The group of seven people had climbed on to the raft at the Burwain Sailing Club in Foulridge, two miles north of Colne.

James Goodship, 17, was on the floating jetty when he and another friend decided to jump off and attempt to tow it to safety.

But, according to The Sun, he was overcome with exhaustion and he slipped underwater and vanished.

His other friend got back onto the raft and the group's cries for help were the heard by onlookers.

One witness said she saw a young woman running up and down the bank. According to the BBC, the woman said: "She was shouting at him telling him to swim but he just gave up.

"You don't realise at that age the water is that cold. He probably thought he could swim - it doesn't look so far but it is a long way."

James' stepdad is a police officer and was one of the first on the scene.

Divers recovered James' body after a 10-hour search.

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