'It's too hot!': Outrageous holiday complaints revealed

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Opodo reveals most outrageous customer holiday complaints
Opodo reveals most outrageous customer holiday complaints

An online travel company has released its top outrageous customer complaints.

It appears that many travellers believe the weather is within the company's control, with one honeymooning couple calling to say they wanted a full refund for their Maldives trip because it rained one afternoon and they had been told it would be sunny "day-in day-out".

One customer called to say it was "too hot", the food was "too spicy" and "hardly anyone spoke English".

According to the Daily Mail, the variety of complaints made to Opodo.co.uk also saw one man who booked a trip to Universal Studios in Florida requesting a refund because the Incredible Hulk rollercoaster had been too scary.

One woman, meanwhile, phoned to complain that there had been too many pebbles on the beach, and one of them had chipped her manicure.

And many passengers can get very fraught when it comes to the issue of their precious pets.

One woman requested an upgrade for her cat from cargo to first class, while one man wanted to know whether he needed a passport for his pet python.

One traveller even blamed the holiday company for the break-up of his relationship; after booking a romantic trip to Rome, Georgia, instead of Rome, Italy, the man demanded the company help him get his girlfriend back after she dumped him over the mistake.

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