Motorcyclist sent cartwheeling through the air after car crash lands on feet

Cartwheeling motorcyclist walks away unharmed after car crash

A motorcyclist miraculously escaped a crash with a car after being hurled cartwheeling through the air - before walking away unharmed.

Michael Curtis Smith, 22, was thrown from his bike after crashing with a car at an intersection in Clearwater, Florida, reports the Mirror.

He can be seen whizzing through the air before landing on the tarmac, where he cartwheels a bit more before getting up and walking away, seemingly unharmed.

The driver of the car, Alex Jay Hall, 27, was later cited for making an improper left turn and driving with a suspended licence.

Smith, meanwhile, was also later fined for not being licensed to drive a motorbike, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Meanwhile, talking about motorbike feats of a different kind, a fearless motocross rider has become the first person to successfully jump Bournemouth's historic pier.

Dan Whitby, an extreme freestyle motocross (FMX) extraordinaire, made the historic leap at the end of May.

Crowds watched with bated breath as Norfolk-born Dan cleared the landmark with a backdrop of beautiful blue skies.

The daredevil had to soar to a height of 60ft on his 100kg bike to ensure he made the 80ft gap.
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