Qoros allows design student's imaginations to run wild

Work experience at many companies usually equates to a lot of tea making, hours wiled in the post room and the occasional run to the sandwich shop to fetch lunch for everyone.
But Jihoon Seo, a 29-year-old Korean design student undertaking a placement with Qoros, impressed so much during his time with the marque that his vision of a 2020 Qoros saloon has been showcased in the UK.

During his internship, Seo was mentored by Tim Pilsbury, a British Senior Manager of the Qoros design studio in Shanghai, who was so impressed he convinced the bosses to sponsor Seo through his final-year project that represented the culmination of his studies at Coventry University's School of Art and Design.

Qoros briefed Seo to create a flagship concept saloon for the new China-based international brand to launch in the year 2020, specifically aimed at 40-50 year-old professionals living in a modern metropolitan city.

Qoros 9 Sedan Concept
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Qoros allows design student's imaginations to run wild

The result is the stunning Qoros 9 Sedan Concept.

Particular highlights include the trapezoidal grille with a chrome surround, flanked by powerful LED Xenon headlamps and fog lamps, which create an aggressive 'face' for the car.

LED lights also feature at the sharp rear and huge 19-inch diamond cut alloy wheels fill the arches for a true premium, Bentley-aping feel.

"I gained a lot of invaluable experience during my internship," explains Seo.

"Not only have I learned the skills and techniques required of a car designer, but I have also developed an initial understanding of the complex demands and dynamics of the global automotive industry. It has been an inspirational period as I look to pursue a career in car design. I'm very grateful to the Qoros design team in Shanghai for the internship opportunity and for sponsoring and mentoring me throughout my final year project."
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