Blackpool sells off its famous deckchairs

Blackpool sells off its famous deckchairs

Blackpool has sold off its 6,000 iconic deckchairs.

The chairs, which were bought by the council in the 1970s and were once considered a traditional landmark of the seaside resort have now become redundant.

According to the council, the chairs have been mothballed for the last three years as holidaymakers choose to sit on the benches on the remodelled seafront.

Graham Cain, Blackpool council cabinet member for tourism said: "For decades the deckchairs were a familiar sight along Blackpool's seafront.

"However, over time they were used less and less until the service ceased in 2011.

"The new design of the seafront means that people have more places to sit than previously.

"We found that the majority of people would sit on the new benches or the Spanish steps and there was no longer a demand for the deckchairs."

"It is always a shame when traditions like this fade away but it is just a sign of the changing needs of our visitors."

The stock of chairs has been sold to Cheshire company Deckchairstripes which will be hiring out the refurbished chairs elsewhere, reports the BBC.

Deckchairstripes also bought 1,000 windbreaks and 120 ticket machines. It will invest more than £25,000 into the venture.

The chairs are to be marketed as "Blackpool's iconic" deckchairs for weddings, festivals, outdoor concerts and other events.

Despite their iconic name, some councillors called for them to be folded up in 2004, arguing that they were out of date.

However, other councils around the country still hire deckchairs to holidaymakers.

Locals are saddened by the news and according to the Blackpool Gazette, residents and tourists on Blackpool's seafront said the news was a "shame" – and the sale of the "iconic" chairs spelt the end of part of the resort's proud heritage.

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Blackpool sells off its famous deckchairs

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