Foolish driver 'gatecrashes' Brands Hatch race in a VW Polo

Video footage has surfaced online today that appears to show a boy racer 'gatecrashing' his way on to Britain's famous Brands Hatch racing circuit during a four-hour endurance event.> The clip, that looks as if it was captured on a low-quality camera phone, was uploaded to YouTube and shows a male driver piloting what is thought to be his girlfriend's VW Polo around the car parks and roadways of the race circuit.

A backseat passenger films the incident and can be heard goading the driver on as his female passenger screams for him to stop. At one point she says: "Jack, if you care about me, stop it please."

The hapless trio manage to speed past officials and directly on to the track as the rear passenger exclaims: "We're on the track, boys and girls!"

A competing race-spec Beetle can be seen speeding past as the two male passengers giggle and shout about being on a racing circuit during a live event. The terrified girl eventually convinces the driver to pull over and race officials can be seen waving red flags to stop the event.

Race director Paul Rose told The Sun: "They had no crash helmets, no safety equipment and he drove straight on to a live circuit.

"Two of the drivers had to swerve out of his way, and officials obviously had to immediately stop the race for safety.

"When the officials got to the car the driver said he'd got lost, which was just a way of him trying to get out of it."

Mr Rose called for police to intervene, stating that authorities should take action against the reckless driver.

He added: "He put people's lives at risk. It was a massive safety issue. He could have been hit by a car – he's a complete idiot."

According to the MailOnline, the driver, Jack Cottle, 22, said his reason for the reckless stunt was because "you only live once".

He said: "People are blowing it out of all proportion. It was something out of the ordinary.

"You only live once and I live every day like it's my last. Now I'm getting slated for being different."

Kent Police said on Twitter that they are investigating the incident and have called for witnesses to call 101 with any information.

Watch the video footage below: WARNING BAD LANGUAGE!

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