Furious Russian motorist smashes up car with bare hands

Road rage incidents are increasingly common in many countries across the globe.> As the roads get more and more congested and lives become increasingly stressful, tempers begin to flare on the open road. The smallest incident, such as not allowing someone to filter onto a motorway slip road in traffic, could easily lead to the mother of all arguments.

Due to Russia's penchant for a dash cam, these aggressive incidents are regularly captured on film and committed to tape forever... or until YouTube decides to remove said clip.

The latest incident that has taken the web by storm involves drivers Artem Gloubkov, 40, and Pavel Hmoulenko, 32, on the Moscow ring road.

Hmoulenko clearly took umbrage to something Gloubkov said or did and subsequently went about tearing the poor motorist's car to pieces with his bare hands.

The enraged driver can be seen clambering all over the bonnet like a crazed gorilla, tearing off windscreen wipers and eventually slamming his fist through the windscreen before Gloubkov saw sense and sped off.

According to the New York Daily News, police arrived at the scene before the angry driver's attack escalated further.

A Moscow police spokesperson said: "This latest incident is being investigated, and it will not be the last. Drivers' tempers are frayed to the limit by the stresses of modern life."

Watch the video clip below

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