First drive: Razor Crazy Cart

Before we start, we must explain that this isn't a new car from a well-known automotive manufacturer nor were we flown to some exotic location to drive it. This is a toy and we are far too old to acceptably enjoy it but that didn't stop us...
What is it?

Billed as the "ultimate drifting machine", this glorified trolley with an electric motor is, in fact, one of the most highly anticipated kids toys in recent years. It blends the joyous japes of a go-kart with the low friction drifting madness typically experienced by the likes of Ken Block and friends. Strap in, depress the little plastic accelerator and prepare to have your brain melted by the sheer brilliance of the thing.

What's under the bonnet?

Nothing, it doesn't have a bonnet but it does have a 'pneumatic front tyre' that's powered by two 12volt batteries. Two caster wheels are placed at the rear to allow for fairly tight turns and there's a 'kick bar' that, despite looking a lot like a handbrake, actually sends the driver into a frenzy of spins and drifts as opposed to safely bringing the insane cart to a stop.

First drive: Razor Crazy Cart
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First drive: Razor Crazy Cart

What's the spec like?

Are you kidding? The Razor Crazy Cart comes with a stiff plastic chair that's capable of cracking a spine in record-breaking time, a lap belt (that was missing on our test model) and a flag, which is supposed to alert taller vehicles of the contraption's presence, but really it just looks cool.

Any rivals?

Not really, but Razor does have a track record of producing battery powered toys that will be the envy of the playground. There's a powerful quad bike, a range of electric scooters and pedal-powered tricycles that feature a similar 'kick bar' drifting system. Or, alternatively, you could get a friend to push you down a hill in a supermarket trolley if you're on a tight budget.

What's it like to drive?

Unlike anything else we've had the privilege of piloting. Firstly, it was a bit of a struggle to fit even my microscopic frame into the tiny contraption but that's because it's designed for nine-year-olds. Secondly, the electric motor was a little bit more powerful than we expected and a solid boot with the right foot quickly had us rocketing around the office car park at alarming speeds. Thirdly, the 'kick bar' drifting system takes a degree of expertise to master, meaning we 'drifted' into an empty shipping container on our first go and nearly shattered a few vertebrae. The ride is harsh, the steering is vague but the delights extracted from a few high-speed 360 spins and epic, 100m slides is more than enough to make up for the overbearing feeling of imminent danger.

The AOL Cars verdict

If we unwrapped a Razor Crazy Cart for Christmas, we'd explode, and we are in our 30s. Just imagine what it would be like for a nine-year-old child, it would be off-the-chain amazing. There's no denying there will be the odd bump and bruise along the way but you don't become a drift king without a few injuries.

The Knowledge

Price: £499
Engine: Electric motor and battery powered
Power: 24 volts
Max speed: 12mph
0-60mph: N/A
Emissions: Giggles
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