The sport of "battling lowriders" is insane and hilarious

Car conkers, automotive sumo wrestling... call it what you will, but these mad-looking motors are fighting – and people are taking great pleasure in watching them.
The video was shot in Mexico where a couple of "lowrider" owners took it upon themselves to offer-up their cars in a brawl to see which one is top dog.

The video, which lasts more than six minutes, sees "The Joker" and "Cyclone" crashing and banging into each other, with scant regard for panel damage let alone insurance premiums.

The two motors involved are typical American "lowriders". These customised cars use hydraulic pumps to allow them to rise up and bounce around.

The pumps are powered by batteries and the height they "bounce" to is dependent upon the size and power of the batteries. The more batteries an owner decides to fit, the more the car bounces and hops around.

"Lowriders" are more commonly seen at car shows, glistening and well cared for and entertaining crowds with their hopping abilities – but never before has a "lowrider fight" taken place (well, not as far as some searching can on YouTube can establish).

We're not entirely sure whether "The Joker" or "Cyclone" wins the contest. All we know is that it's awfully good fun to watch.

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