London is the most expensive city in the world for tourists

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London is the most expensive place for a break than any other major world city, according to a recent survey.

The UK capital topped a city break cost-of-touring table compiled by Tripadvisor, with Paris the next most-expensive destination for visitors.

The cities were judged according to cost of a meal with wine for two plus cocktails, two short taxi journeys, and a one-night stay in a four-star hotel.

The package cost £312 in London, with Paris £306, third-place New York at £301 and Stockholm, at fourth, on £287.

A London city break is the most expensive city in the world for tourists, says a new Tripadvisor survey

The rest of the top 10 most-expensive cities were Oslo, Zurich, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Toronto and Sydney.

A meal for two with wine in London was £77, with two cocktails setting visitors back £23, two taxi journeys of two miles each costing £22 and a hotel room costing £189.

Of the top 10, Stockholm had the most-expensive meals (£103), New York the dearest hotels (£218) and Oslo the most-expensive taxis (£34).

And the least expensive cities?

Hanoi in Vietnam is the best-value destination surveyed, were just £92, with a meal for two plus wine costing only just over £20.

The next least-expensive destination was Jakarta in Indonesia ((£95), followed by Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt (£96), Bangkok in Thailand ((£97) and Sofia in Bulgaria (£112).

TripAdvisor spokesman James Kay said: "This year's results show that Asian destinations are still the most affordable, while European destinations continue to top the most expensive list.

"However, Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Czech Republic seem to be bucking this trend so may serve as the best places for UK travellers looking for a city break that's closer to home."

Fancy a splurge? Have a look at the list of the most expensive cities in the world below

The most expensive cities in the world
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London is the most expensive city in the world for tourists

Meal for two with wine: £77.01

Two cocktails: £23.40

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £22.12

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £189.27

Total cost: £311.80

Meal for two with wine: £61.10

Two cocktails: £30.98

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £17.22

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £196.49

Total cost: £305.79

Meal for two with wine: £50.75

Two cocktails: £20.69

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £10.98

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £218.16

Total cost: £300.58

Meal for two with wine: £102.57

Two cocktails: £25.54

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £16.76

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £142.00

Total cost: £286.87

Meal for two with wine: £98.01

Two cocktails: £21.87

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £33.77

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £119.67

Total cost: £273.32

Meal for two with wine: £46.29

Two cocktails: £22.11

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £25.77

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £177.85

Total cost: £272.02

Meal for two with wine: £60.35

Two cocktails: £19.48

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £27.74

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £145.33

Total cost: £252.90

Meal for two with wine: £71.23

Two cocktails: £13.34

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £22.93

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £120.23

Total cost: £227.73

Meal for two with wine: £54.29

Two cocktails: £17.92

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £15.25

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £138.14

Total cost: £225.60

Meal for two with wine: £77.98

Two cocktails: £15.69

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £13.58

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £117.56

Total cost: £224.81


And here are the cheapest cities for holidays:

World's cheapest city breaks
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London is the most expensive city in the world for tourists

Meal for two with wine: £20.49

Two cocktails: £8.76

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £3.08

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £59.37

Total cost: £91.70

Meal for two with wine: £23.00

Two cocktails: £15.80

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £1.74

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £54.47

Total cost: £95.01

Meal for two with wine: £28.87

Two cocktails: £9.25

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £2.28

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £55.26

Total cost: £95.66

Meal for two with wine: £30.19

Two cocktails: £13.54

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £2.09

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £51.41

Total cost: £97.23

Meal for two with wine: £42.61

Two cocktails: £6.23

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £6.62

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £57.03

Total cost: £112.49

Meal for two with wine: £31.31 

Two cocktails: £3.30

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £7.89

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £71.70

Total cost: £114.20

Meal for two with wine: £23.44

Two cocktails: £10.45

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £4.11

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £76.36

Total cost: £114.36

Meal for two with wine: £35.57

Two cocktails: £18.69

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £2.13

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £60.91

Total cost: £117.30

Meal for two with wine: £29.94

Two cocktails: £9.17

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £4.26

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £75.16

Total cost: £118.53

Meal for two with wine: £31.47

Two cocktails: £15.13

Two taxi journeys of two miles each way: £7.77

Hotel room (4-4.5 star): £65.72

Total cost: £120.09


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London is the most expensive city in the world for tourists

After years of craning our necks up, the View from the Shard is finally open for a spot of looking down on London. It’s sleek, stylish and does boast pretty incredible views. But for a fraction of the price (£3), you can stretch your legs and take in the town from the top of The Monument. Steeped in history, the building is bursting with character to be explored. Plus you get a rather charming certificate to prove you mastered the 311 steps. A short stroll away is the Heron Tower, where you can get a beer and a bar stool with just as good a view. Sorry Shardy.

It might miss the mark on exotic animals roaming around, but London’s city farms are free and fabulous. Head to Mudchute Farm in the east (riding the front seat of the DLR as you do), and spend a morning with sheep, donkeys, pigs and llamas, all with the backdrop of Canary Wharf overseeing proceedings. The café serves excellent hot and cold food, best washed down with a glass of homemade lemonade. Other farm locations in the capital include Vauxhall, Hackney and Kentish Town.

Every fancy hotel in London promises the best afternoon tea - seriously expensive scones and prim placemats guaranteed. For much more character (and just as good cake), head to the Secret Tea Room in Soho - above the Coach and Horses at 29 Greek Street (W1D 5DH). You take your seat via the washing up sink, and absolutely nothing matches. Which is all part of the charm. Afternoon tea from £17 per person, booking recommended.

The aromas of ostrich burgers and piles of cheese samples attract over four million visitors a year to Borough Market. A treat for the all the senses, yes, but this market does get jolly busy. Take a trip out of town to Greenwich and visit the roof-covered river side market for atmosphere, crafts, clothes and mouth-watering food to go. Watch the afternoon go by from the top of the hill.

A walk through Leicester Square or down Shaftsbury Avenue shows that chip shops in London are two a penny. But there’s nothing special about those ghastly Angus restaurants on every corner. Forget airs and graces and take a seat at the outdoor seating of Rock and Sole Plaice. Not only does the oldest London chippie get five stars for its epic punnery, but the fat chips, crispy batter and hearty mugs of tea make it a winning pit stop.

If you don’t fancy a dip in a lido or cold pond when the Great British Summer is in full swing (i.e, still a wee bit chilly), head to Oasis Sports Centre for a swim in the (heated!) outdoor pool. It’s blocked in by office and housing blocks, and the odd palm tree perched pool side gives it more than enough character. All for under £5 a swim.

Queuing around the block and a £15 entry fee? We do love a fish but a family day out with our scaly friends could easily top £100 if you head to London Aquarium. Never fear, there’s a little known gem in Dulwich called The Horniman Museum, with a £3 a pop aquarium, complete with star fish, sea horses and everyone’s favourite; the jellyfish.

Get your fix of the famous Abbey from the outside, then nip down the road to its less-famous cousin, Westminster Cathedral. Entry is free, and for £5 you can get the lift to the top of the tower for a view of the capital. Let us know if you also get the slightly dodgy tale from the guide about Will proposing to Kate at the top of the Tower…

The large yellow London duck which breezes along the Thames is a familiar sight in London and it's hugely popular with tourists. But you can get (almost) as close to the water - and thankfully stay a lot drier - with a ride on the Thames Clipper boat, all for the cost of a tube ride. Hop on board at Embankment and go all the way to Greenwich to get a real feel for the shape of the city. The snake of the river will surprise even the most hardened Londoner.

You might not get the recorded guide, but you certainly see the ‘real’ London with a ride aboard a public bus route, which naturally is cheaper than a tour bus. Buy a map and aim for the front seat of the double decker on route 211, Hammersmith to Waterloo. You will see everything from the Royal Albert Hall to the London Eye, without spending a small fortune. Choose a weekday after rush hour, around 10am for the best chance of the top seat. Bus 9 leaving from Piccadilly Circus (towards Kensington) is another fabulous route for the sights. 



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