Video: The Lamborghini flamethrower

Lamborghini Aventador

Supercars and fire go hand in hand. Aside from the high profile cases of Ferrari 458 Italias spontaneously combusting, Porsche has also recalled all of its new GT3 models to replace engine components after it was noticed there was a small risk of the car turning into an inferno.
Whether you think such problems are totally unacceptable for cars with six-figure price tags, or merely the risk you take in getting behind the wheel of a car that pushes the performance envelope, you can always count on one manufacturer to make fire an integral part of the ownership experience: Lamborghini.

Spitting flames is par for the course for the Italian marque's V12 flagships, though normally they come out of the exhaust, rather than the interior air vents. Even so, they can cause issues, as the video below shows.

Shot on a balcony overlooking a mobbed Aventador, the footage captures the moment the driver flexes the car's mighty 6.5-litre engine, causing it to spit fire from its rear.

Unfortunately for a nearby shrubbery, the car's just a tad too close and it quickly catches alight. Thankfully a bystander is on hand to er...kick it a little bit, to prevent the fire spreading further.

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