Three die as Italian rescue boat capsizes

Sinead Moore
Three die as Italian rescue boat capsizes
Three die as Italian rescue boat capsizes

An overloaded rescue boat capsized in Italy leaving three migrants dead.

According to the Italian Navy, the rubber dinghy capsized off the coast of Siciliy on Sunday as it approached the Norient Star, a merchant tanker, to start the rescue operation.

Approximately 100 migrants from central African were on board the dinghy which authorities believe departed from Libya, the Telegragh reports.

Some migrants managed to get on board the Maltese ship when the dinghy capsized but three were killed. Their bodies were recovered by the crew of the Norient Star.

Although they were all wearing life jackets, authorities believe some may have began to panic as the boat sank and it is possible they became trapped under the dinghy.

According to Sky News, Italy has rescued more than 5,000 migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea in overcrowded boats over the weekend.

Over 40,000 migrants have reached Italy by boat already this year and two-thirds of those leave for other EU countries, according to the Interior Ministry.

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