Sportsman dies of thirst on train in India

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Sportsman dies of thirst on train in India
Sportsman dies of thirst on train in India

A sportsman died of thirst while travelling on a train in Uttar Pradesh, India, on Sunday.

A railway official told that powerlifter Mohd Azharuddin died after there was no water available in his coach.

The incident happened between Allahabad and Mirzapur railway stations while the athlete was travelling on the Jammu-Tatanagar Muri Express.

He was returning from a sports competition in Ambala city, where he won a silver medal.

Passengers said the water tank was not filled at Allabahad station, despite several requests.

According to, a group of passengers protested against the incident at Mirzapur station and argued with troopers of the Railway Police Force.

The man's body was taken away by railway police and sent for post-mortem, reports

Back in March, an Indian college student died after falling between the platform and a moving train while reportedly trying to avoid a ticket inspector.

The incident occurred at the Veppampattu station in the Tiruvallur district of India.

The teen, called Raman, had boarded the First Class carriage where season ticket holders are not allowed.

According to the New Indian Express, he had tried to jump off the moving train to the platform, but slipped and injured his head. He was then run over by the train.

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