Lamborghini Aventador torched by vandals

lamborghini aventador vandalised

A rare Lamborghini Aventador Roadster has suffered extensive damage after being torched by arsonists in Luton.
Captured on CCTV, the arson attack shows the Lamborghini parked on a residential street, before it is set upon by three men who emerge from a passing Mercedes ML 4x4 that stops alongside it. As soon as they appear they are gone again, but not before managing to smash the passenger window with a hammer, dousing the interior in petrol and setting it alight.

The excusive convertible supercar, which has a starting price of £294,700, is believed to belong to Aleem Iqbal, otherwise known by his internet pseudonym 'Lord Aleem'. The youngster has made a name for himself on YouTube showing off the latest acquisitions of his family's supercar rental business.

The fate of the supercar is currently in the balance, as the extent of the damage is being assessed. Currently the motive for the serious attack is unknown, with speculation rife that it was sheer jealousy that drove the men to torch the vehicle.

Click play below to watch CCTV footage of the arson attack.

Here is footage of the Aventador in happier times, with Mr Iqbal taking delivery of the car for the first time.

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