Man jumps off 45-storey roof with jet pack

Man Jumps Off Top of 45-Storey Hotel - Wearing Jet Pack

With the help of a hydrogen and nitrogen-powered jet pack, a man jumped off the 45th floor rooftop of the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

On Thursday, daredevil Nick Macomber floated in the sky for about 30 seconds before landing back on the hotel's roof.

Strapped into his go-fast jet pack he took off, made a loop and touched down safely back on to the ground.

Nick's flight was used as a test before a possible world-record attempt at flying off the roof of the tallest structure in the Southern hemisphere.

Jet pack flights are powered by a pressurised blast of non-flammable hydrogen peroxide and nitrogen thrust through the rocket nozzles.

It's not the first time that jet packs have blasted off. Last month a man soared through Washington DC's Ronald Regan building as part of Smithsonian Magazine's 'The Future is Here' festival.

A company in New Zealand is currently working on commercially available jetpacks and is being given civil aviation approval for manned test flights.

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