Bus driver hailed hero after stopping to save toddler on busy road

Ruth Doherty
Bus driver hailed hero after savig boy wandering on busy road in Oregon
Bus driver hailed hero after savig boy wandering on busy road in Oregon

A bus driver in Oregon has been hailed a hero after stopping his bus to pick up a toddler who was wandering alone on a busy road.

Bill Clark was driving his TriMet bus at around 8.15am on Friday when he spotted the child walking barefoot in the road, wearing only a T-shirt and nappy.

The bus' surveillance camera captures the moment he stops, gets out and takes the boy's hand, before bringing him onto the bus.

He told KPTV: 'I asked him if he wanted some hot chocolate, and when I said chocolate, he lit up and said, 'chocolate!'"

He gave the boy a cookie while waiting for the Department of Human Services to arrive.

Clark called the TriMet's command centre to tell them what happened and was told to drive the bus to a nearby transit centre as he was blocking traffic.

The little boy, called James, was eventually reunited with his father, who had called police to report him missing, reports the NY Daily News.

He said he worked night shifts, and had fallen asleep when the boy let himself out of the apartment and wandered into the road. His mother was out at work.

The parents were interviewed by police, who told them to install child locks, but they were not charged with anything.

Clark insisted he's not a hero, telling the Daily Mail: "I don't like that label. I just did what I think anybody should do or would have done under the same circumstances.'

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