T-Rex dinosaur prank terrifies passersby in park (video)

T-Rex dinosaur prank terrifies passersby in park (video)

A group of pranksters have been terrifying passersby in a park - by jumping out of bushes in a horrifying T-Rex costume.

Jay Lichtenberger and his team at the Pranks Channel caught the attention of dog walkers, cyclists and runners by creating a giant dinosaur's nest on a bike path, reports the Daily Mail.

They then sprung out of the bushes in the T-Rex costume while making a loud roar, scaring the living daylights out of most people, including children.

One woman wailed: "Go away, go away! We're not going to touch your eggs!"

But not everybody was fooled, with some walking calmly past with a chuckle.

One woman was even in on the joke, and fled in 'fear' when the dinosaur came out to make the prank seem more real to her kids.

Some users on YouTube were impressed with the joke, with one writing: "Good stuff guys!". But another user commented: "Surely you could hide the legs inside the costume? or at least wear trousers that match the costume?"

Back in Ocotber, a notorious American prankster performed a similar trick in a US park for Halloween - using a flying grim reaper.

Tom Mabe carried out his 'Flying Reaper' prank on poor unsuspecting joggers, children and dog walkers alike across parks in the US.

Mr Mabe, from Louisville, Kentucky, told the Daily Mail: "We have had a lot of fun making this. It's taken some work to make it happen, but it's great fun.

"It flies with the help of a remote control helicopter but you rig it up in a really brilliant way. It has to be quiet so people don't hear it.

According to the Metro, he added: "The best bit is when you sneak up on people. We fly it about 200 feet in the air and then drop it down so it's right behind them."

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T-Rex dinosaur prank terrifies passersby in park (video)

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