Luxury holiday villas: Ten beautiful places to stay around the world

Where would you go on holiday if money was no object? A luxurious private villa overlooking the Mediterranean, perhaps? A French chateau with butler service and rolling grounds? We asked TripAdvisor to give us the top ten most coveted luxury holiday villas around the world and we got some results that have made us pray we'll win the lottery.

Each of these available for private hire and offers the height of luxury. Most of them have been frequented by celebrities and A-listers in search of privacy and pampering, and all of them offer the most spectacular views and surroundings.

So next time you have spare ten grand and fancy spending the night, you know where to look. And even if you don't, these properties are well worth a look just to see how the other half lives...

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Visit Ani Villas in Anguilla, Caribbean Luxury Escape
Visit Ani Villas in Anguilla, Caribbean Luxury Escape