Fleecy Riders: Goats hitch a lift on motorcycle

In certain parts of the world, where road laws are relaxed and police turn a bind eye to most motoring misdemeanours, it is possible witness all manner of things transported by motorcycle.
Entire families are ferried to work and school on a single moped in Bali, bales of hay have been spotted strapped to the back of scooters in India and livestock has been seen riding on the back of a bicycle in china.

But by far the maddest thing we've laid eyes on in a long time is this video that depicts two chaps transporting a pair of goats on a motorcycle in Iran.

For some bizarre reason, one of the gentlemen decided to lend his crash helmet to the goat riding at the front of the motorcycle, while the unlucky mammal at the rear has to put up with a bumpy ride across the lap of the rear passenger.

Both goats appear to have their legs bound to stop them jumping off the bike and running for the nearest bus, a fact that will surely upset anyone concerned with animal welfare.

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