Drone captures footage of huge shark swimming off Ireland coast

Ruth Doherty
Drone footage captures huge basking shark swimming in Ireland
Drone footage captures huge basking shark swimming in Ireland

Amazing drone footage captured an enormous basking shark swimming off the coast of Ireland this week.

Marine adventure firm, Ocean Escapes, spotted the shark and, using a drone camera, managed to capture incredible scenes of the giant shark swimming into the mouth of Cork harbour.

The Irish Independent reports that Andrew O'Riordan shot the footage and uploaded it to YouTube.

According to Her.ie, Andrew said: "What a great day and amazing weather, very lucky to see the sharks in our stretch of coastline, when we spotted the sharks we switched the engine off and enjoyed the view!"

The basking shark is the second-largest living fish, after the whale shark, and one of three plankton-eating sharks besides the whale shark and megamouth shark. It is a cosmopolitan migratory species, found in all the world's temperate oceans.

Despite the fact they can grow up to eight metres long, basking sharks are not aggressive and are not a threat to humans.

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