Dramatic moment lifeboat crew lasso runaway speedboat in Devon (video)

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Lifeboat crew lasso runaway speedboat in Devon harbour (video)
Lifeboat crew lasso runaway speedboat in Devon harbour (video)

A lifeboat crew had to turn cowboy to catch a runaway speedboat that was circling dangerously in a Devon harbour.

According to the Metro, lifeboat crew were called out after Peter Channing, 66, was thrown from his boat after accidentally hitting the throttle while he was trying to tie up the vessel.

Mr Channing had taken off his kill chord, a safety mechanism attached to the skipper's leg that takes out the ignition key if he falls in.

The engine was still running and the boat then started circling in Teignmouth Quay, with the propellers posing a threat to Peter's safety.

But onlookers threw him a line and rescued him from the water.

The lifeboat team then managed to lasso the boat before one of the crew managed to reach in a switch it off.

Andre Huber, Watch Manager at Brixham Coastguard, told ITV News: "It appears the man took off his kill cord as it was too short to allow him to tie up his boat. Unfortunately, he accidentally knocked the throttle, the boat jerked forward and he fell into the water.

"Without the kill cord, the boat's engine didn't cut out and then locked into driving round and round in circles.

"Luckily he did have a lifejacket on and was able to quickly swim away to safety and the boat was soon brought under control.

"We always recommend people wear their kill cord at all times when on the boat. Make sure it's a suitable length so you can move around your vessel."

Speaking to the Western Morning News, Peter said: "I briefly took off the kill chord and the engine suddenly sprang into life and I was over the side.

"My buoyancy jacket, which I always wear, inflated and I was drifting in the river.

"I thought my boat was going to the beach, but suddenly it reared up and started coming back towards me, bouncing off other boats.

"Luckily it missed me. I managed to get close to the shore when someone threw me a line to pull me in.

"Nobody was hurt and I suppose I can smile a bit about it now - but I will be more careful in future."

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