Celebrity Money Gurus: Katie Price

How did she make a £45m fortune?


Katie Price Autobiography Launch - London

Katie Price has packed a lot into her 36 years - not least three marriages, four children (plus one on the way), and five autobiographies. And while everything from her reality TV shows to her personal life and writing talents have been the subject of any number of criticisms, her money-making talents cannot be underestimated. She's said to be worth anything up to £45 million.

So what's her secret?


Katie Price started out at the age of 18 in glamour modelling as 'Jordan', when she was a Page 3 regular. Her surgically enhanced figure brought her fame and an income, but in 2011 she told the Telegraph it wasn't riches beyond her wildest dreams - the Sun apparently paid her £120.

Everything changed with reality TV - where she discovered a natural talent for what was rapidly becoming the biggest TV phenomenon of recent years. Her reality show career started in 2002 with Jordan: The Truth About Me, but her big breakthrough was in 2004 when she appeared on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. This kicked off the a huge number of shows on ITV2 with Peter Andre - documenting their marriage, the arrival of their children, their subsequent split, and their separate lives.

This propelled her into the public eye, where she took full advantage. She had already started her own company, Jordan Trading Ltd in 2003, to handle the sales of calendars and other merchandising, so she was profiting from her own image from the beginning.

Throughout her career she has been wiling to reveal a huge amount of her personal life, which means she is a favourite of the glossy magazines. When she married Andre they sold the rights to their wedding photos to OK! magazine for a reported £1.75 million. When she wed Alex Reid she was said to have sold the right to the same magazine for £1 million.

Her publishing success has been phenomenal. She reportedly only got an advance of £10,000 for her first autobiography, but after selling a million she was guaranteed far more generous contracts. In addition to her autobiographies there have been a host of ghost-written novels. They started with Angel in July 2006, and since then she has written four other novels and a series of children's books.

She makes no disguise of the fact the books are ghost-written, but throws herself into the enormously popular book signing tours that underpin their success. She's the 46th best-selling author of all time, and is said to have sold more than £26 million worth of books.

He has also had a number of fashion ranges - from a lingerie collect for Asda to a jewellery range for Argos: and she has had success with several perfumes. In 2008 she launched an equestrian range for adults and children, and in 2011 she founded the fashion label Day 22.

Katie Price has a natural talent for the kind of outspoken honesty that has made her a reality TV star and a magazine favourite. Combine that with hard work, a sound business sense, a willingness to throw herself into a variety of projects, the ability to generate endless publicity - and her fame and fortune were almost guaranteed.