German-made cars top satisfaction survey

Caroline Cassidy
German cars top customer satisfaction poll
German cars top customer satisfaction poll

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German car manufacturing has long had a reputation for reliability and quality engineering, and it seems they still come out on top in the motoring department.

In a customer satisfaction survey compiled by What Car? magazine and JD Power, German-made vehicles took seven of the top ten spots, with Volkswagen bagging the first two places on the list.

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VW's super-mini, the Up, landed the honour of first place amongst British drivers, with the Golf Plus following closely behind. Volkswagen are also linked to the third-placed car, the Skoda Yeti, with the Czech manufacturer now forming part of the VW Group.

In fourth was the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, with the VW Scirocco in fifth and the Tiguan in sixth. Completing the top ten were the Lexuc CT200h, the Skoda Octavia, Volvo's V70/XC70, and the Jaguar XF.
At the other end of the scale, the Chevrolet Spark, Alfa Romeo Mito and Citroen C3 scored poorly, with the Chevrolet landing the unenviable position of last among the 109 vehicles assessed.

While What Car? revealed that the Spark had problems affecting "nearly every aspect of the car", the magazine said of the top-placed VW Up: "This is the Volkswagen Up's first year in the survey and it has performed brilliantly, proving itself to be reliable, easy to drive and fuel efficient. These features make it a worthy victor."

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