Cruise holidays are the best, say British travellers

Ruth Doherty
British holidaymakers like cruise holidays better than any other break
British holidaymakers like cruise holidays better than any other break

Cruise holidays are the most reliable form of break, beating city weekends away and beach holidays hands down, according to a new study of British travellers.

Brits say they like cruises best because the staff are the friendliest, they experience fewer delays and the facilities are much cleaner than on other holidays.

They also say that cruises are less stressful than any other type of holiday.

The research, conducted by independent online cruising agency, polled a total of 1,438 adults aged 18 and over, who had all been on both a cruise holiday as well as other types of holidays within the past three years.

Participants were asked to disclose the type of holiday they had been on in the past three years that they found to be the most reliable in terms of all-round planning and enjoyment, involving the least hassle for the holidaymaker.

The main reasons behind choosing cruise holidays were were:

1. Cleaner Facilities – 72 per cent
2. Less Delays -64 per cent
3. Friendlier and more engaging staff – 56 per cent
4. Better Entertainment – 32 per cent
5. No Cancellations – 24 per cent

Of those polled, almost a third, (31 per cent) stated that they had either already booked a cruise, or were planning one for their next holiday, in order to cut out the unnecessary stress and planning of alternative trips.

Steph Curtin, Cruise Development Manager at, told Aol Travel: "These results show that as well as growing in popularity, cruise holidays are now deemed as the most reliable type of holiday for the British public, where holidaymakers are most able to relax and enjoy themselves without any extra stresses or hassles."

The top five most reliable holidays according to participants were:

1. Cruise Holidays – 52 per cent
2. City Breaks – 23 per cent
3. Sun/Beach Holidays – 11 per cent
4. Skiing Holidays – 8 per cent
5. Other - 6 per cent

Do you agree with the results? Have you found cruises to be the most reliable form of holiday? Leave your thoughts below.

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