Long term report: Kia Carens

Whoever said the Kia Carens wasn't quick clearly didn't tell the Spanish police, who clocked it doing the wrong side of 90mph on a motorway.
Fortunately for me, I only got hit with a 50 euro fine and a slap on the wrists – not to mention a barrage of abuse on social media.

The Kia was on its way to Portugal for a video project, and the Carens was roped in to help, mainly because of its rather large boot.

Most of the journey was done by ferry, but once in Bilbao it was a case of hitting the motorway for the 550-mile drive to Lisbon.

All the kit, and trust me there was a lot, did weigh the Carens down a fair bit, giving it a lowered 'pimp-my-ride' look, which didn't do it any favours going over dips in the road at pace.

Space-wise, there were absolutely no issues. This was one of the biggest shoots of the year for the video team, and being on location for the best part of a month meant more kit than normal, plus three occupants.

It was a bit snug for the rear passenger, but never at all uncomfortable.

Author: Nigel Swan

The knowledge

Model: Kia Carens '3' 1.7 CRDi Price: £23,895 (as tested)
Engine: 1.7-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged diesel
Power: 134bhp, 330Nm
Max speed: 119mph
0-60mph: 10s
Emissions: 132g/km
Mileage this month: 4,130

This month's highlight

Getting off quite lightly in a brush with Spanish law-enforcers
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