Long term report: Renault Zoe

So, as our tenure with Zoe comes to an end, my mind wanders to what kind of impact electric cars will have for the used car dealers.
Residuals are, of course, going to be the big question mark. No one knows how they will perform at present, and with most used electric vehicles going back into the franchised network, this means they have been able to keep supply and demand balanced, keeping used values very healthy.

The main question is that of the batteries. Will your warranty provider cover an expired battery pack or is this going to be considered wear and tear? Some manufacturers will be getting over this scenario by leasing the batteries to the owner.

This has some benefits but also some pitfalls.

The benefits mean that when the batteries eventually need replacing this will be done by the manufacturer.

However, it does mean that the owner will have to pay a monthly fee. I'm starting to see that electric cars are the future, at least in the short term.

The following is increasing and they will be a talking point that can only be good for business.

The knowledge

Model: Renault Zoe Dynamique Intens
Price: £19,393 (as tested)
Engine: Electric motor
Power: 88bhp, 219Nm
Max speed: 84mph
0-60mph: 13.3s
Emissions: 0g/km
Mileage this month: 92

This month's highlight

Knowing that exciting times lie ahead for electric vehicles
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