Red Bull pit-crew saves Kimi's bacon

The F1 circus is in Monaco this week, with all the teams in the midst of practice sessions and everyone completely focussed on this Sunday's race.
Well, almost everyone. Footage captured from a free practice session earlier this week shows an absent-minded Kimi Raikkonen nonchalantly wandering into the pit lane just as Sebastian Vettel is preparing to practice his hasty exit from the Red Bull garage.

Thankfully, a Red Bull pit crew member spots what's about to happen and drags the dopey Ferrari driver out of harms way, fractions of a second before the fully lit Red Bull car screams past.

It wasn't the best of days for Raikkonen. A combination of wet weather and a gearbox failure meant the Finn had missed out on much of the practice session.

At least he'll still be able to compete in the Grand Prix on Sunday – something which would have been highly unlikely if it hadn't been for that quick thinking spanner wielder.

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