Is this London's narrowest home: at 99 inches wide?

The Denmark Hill property

An impressively narrow house has been snapped up in a matter of days. The home, in Denmark Hill in south-east London, was built on what was once a thin strip of garden at the side of someone else's home. It's a skinny 99 inches wide (or 8 1/4 feet), offering marginally more than 450 square feet - priced at a fairly hefty £450,000.

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The home offers just 466 square feet - over two floors, with a single reception room, leading into an open-plan kitchen, and a double bedroom upstairs. The kitchen is just 5ft 2 inches wide, and the lounge only functions sensibly when the sofa is moved into the space under the stairs.

The property is listed as being under offer - despite the fact that it has been on the market for a matter of days.

It has been helped by the fact that it's in an area where houses are hard to come by at this price. A one-bedroom flat, by comparison, would be priced at around £400,000 and wouldn't be freehold or necessarily come with a garden.

99 inches is an impressively narrow property. But it's not the narrowest.

Narrow homes

In fact, this isn't even London's narrowest house. There's a house in Clapham that's just 90 inches wide. Impressively the owners have extended the three-storey property so it now has space for four bedrooms.

A house that's even narrower - at 6 foot - was thrown up without planning permission in Leyton, East London, but was recently ruled illegal and it must be torn down.

London isn't home to the narrowest house in the country. This title goes to 'The Wedge' - a property on the Isle of Cumbrae in Scotland. The front of the house is just 37 inches wide - squashed between two shops - although it gets bigger at the back where it is 22 feet wide.

One home that's skinny all the way back - and narrower than both London properties is a 6 foot wide terraced home in Brighton. The owners say it's so narrow that their tenants never have to switch the heating on - because it's heated by the neighbouring properties.

However, this cannot compete with the world's narrowest house, a 60 inch wide home built in an alleyway in Warsaw, Poland. At one point it slims down to just 28 inches. It's so narrow that there's no room for stairs - so it was built with a ladder to get between the four storeys. The house is intended as a home for artists and in order to allow it to be built, the council classed it as an art installation.

And living in a skinny home is nothing new. One of the most impressive historic narrow houses is in Alexandra, Virginia. It's 7 feet wide and 25 feet long and was built in 1830 by the owner of one of the neighbouring houses. He didn't need the extra room. In fact given that its just 325 square feet over two storeys it doesn't exactly offer much in the way of space. The only reason he decided to built it was to stop wagons going down the alley - which is why it's known as Spite House

You could argue that by comparison, the Denmark Hill home that's almost two feet wider is positively luxurious in terms of the space it offers - but that might be over-stating the case.

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Is this London's narrowest home: at 99 inches wide?

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