Height of luxury! Hotel uses drones to deliver Champagne to guests

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Hotel delivers Champagne by drones
Hotel delivers Champagne by drones

A luxury hotel is taking Champagne delivery to a whole new level with a soaring bottle service by drone.

The Mansion at Casa Madrona in California unleashed their state-of-the-art octo-copter earlier this month to deliver the residents precious bubbly.

The service is specifically for guests staying in the hotel's most luxurious suite - where nights start at $10,000.

The high flier, which will soar into the pricey suit's two-tiered deck overlooking views of the San Francisco skyline, is capable of carrying up to three bottles at a time.

Hotel delivers Champagne to guests by drones
Hotel delivers Champagne to guests by drones

While the drone is included with the price of the room, the cost for the bottles is not.

If Champagne isn't quite your fancy, the drone can be commissioned for other uses as well - such as delivering tasty snacks.

The drone commissioned for the Champagne delivery was custom-built to specification and has been specifically designed to deliver chilled Champagne.

Hotel spokeswoman, Lindsay Weightman, said: "We were brainstorming fun ways for luxury travellers coming through.

"One thing kind of led to another and the Champagne drone drop was born.

"The drone only accepts stock tips.

"The property is currently working on customising mini drones to deliver cookies as well as other amenities.

"We think we are the only hotel delivering this service in the world."

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