British holidaymakers drugged and robbed in Costa del Sol

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Two tourist drugged and robbed in Fuengirola, Spain
Two tourist drugged and robbed in Fuengirola, Spain

Two British holidaymakers have been drugged and robbed during a golf trip to Spain's Costa Del Sol.

Both men were part of a group from a Leicester golf club who had gone on holiday to the popular resort of Fuengirola.

They believe they were given drinks spiked with the notorious "rape drug" Rohypnol.

Speaking to the Leicester Mercury, one of the men, Keith Low, aged 59, from Market Harborough in Leicestershire, described how he remembers waking up covered in dirt in a nearby back street. His wallet had been emptied of cash and a gold chain he had been wearing had been taken. He later discovered that his friend had undergone a similar ordeal.

Mr Low believes the attackers slipped the drug into their drinks and waited until both became confused and semi-conscious and led them away from their friends.

"When I spoke to the police there, they said this has happened before in that area but people have been killed and women raped," Keith told the paper.

"It's important people know that this kind of thing can happen. A lot of people are heading to Spain at this time of year and they need to be careful."

Foreign Office travel advice for Spain says that the use of drugs such as Rohypnol, GHB – which has sedative and anaesthetic effects – or liquid ecstasy, which is another name for GHB, have been used in Spain for sexual assaults and robberies.

It warns that people should buy their own drinks and keep them in sight at all times to make sure they are not tampered with.

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