Vivien Leigh's celebrity hideaway for sale

After Vivien Leigh was divorced from Laurence Olivier in 1961, she found a new home in Tickerage Mill - tucked away from the limelight in the Sussex countryside. Here she threw lavish parties for celebrity guests including Princess Margaret, John Gielgud, the actor John Merivale, and even Winston Churchill. When she died, her ashes were scattered in the grounds. Now the mill is on the market for £3.5 million.

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The connection to Leigh is a huge part of this property's attractions. She was said to have fallen for it at first sight, and lived there from her divorce to her death at the age of 53. Among the touches she added was the marble fireplace in the master bedroom - which she had shipped from Venice.

For your money you get Tickerage Mill, Tickerage Mill Cottage, the Gardeners' Cottage, and a former mill building - complete with the grounds and woodlands stretching over about 21.8 acres. The house, cottages and grounds could end up being sold separately if buyers would prefer it that way.

The main house was built in the 17th century and is Grade II listed. It is thought to have been an iron mill originally - reflected principally in its large chimneys.

Leigh wasn't the first celebrity owner. The artist Richard Wyndham bought the property in 1920 and added an artists studio with an oriel window (which now functions as the kitchen). It has also been occupied by Sir Ronald Armstrong Jones (Lord Snowdon's father) and Kenneth Letts - the man who gave his name to the diary dynasty.

The property has been significantly refurbished in the last ten years by the current owners, and now features five bedrooms (one of which has access to a roof terrace), a drawing room, sitting room, family room, study and cellars.

For £3.5 million it's disappointingly short on the trappings of the multimillionaire, and many of the rooms are modestly sized. Given that this is a Grade II listed building, it could prove difficult to add that indoor swimming pool and the extension for your multi-media room.

However, as it is, nestled in striking and extensive grounds, it may just appeal to the celebrity who wants to get away from it all. After-all if they change their mind about the attractions of the secluded life, it's only in Uckfield in East Sussex, so London and the limelight are just a stone's throw away.

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Vivien Leigh's celebrity hideaway for sale

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